Dresden Files Atlanta

Atlanta Hotzones

(this post subject to change, final details on the full City Sheet – Locations)

The second planning session went well…

players: Aileen, Benjamin, Eric

Got more introductions done, fleshed out the major zones of the city to deal with (see below), and got closer…

We’ve decided to play fully Submerged, so that’s 10 refresh, 35 skill points maxing at Superb. It will keep us all on our toes, eh?

Locations: though locations, of course, are not limited to these… here’s what we got to work with suggestions are highly welcome; this game highly encourages player input for all this especially—i’ll tweak as needed for fun game-play of course. :)

  • Little Five Points


Idea: general meeting area, because everyone passes through little 5 eventually

Aspect: Hey, I Know That Guy

Face: Jimmy Stu – The Vortex, Informant, tattood ‘joe’, knows everyone in the neighborhood, and then some

  • Piedmont Park / Botanical Gardens


Idea: stronghold of the summer court, nevernever high-class


Face: Lady Tana Summer matron (?); Lord Rexroth Mustardseed, Summer Sheriff

  • Buckhead

RCV and Mafia center of traffic





  • Marta Station(s)



Face: __ the mad bum

  • Centenial Park Area

Accorded Neutral Grounds




Face: Jonah Lomu, aquatic(?) shapeshifter, overseer of the aquarium and the peace

  • Stone Mountain


Idea: old, powerful sacred ground


Face: Tim Turns-his-face, the shaman-guardian of the site

  • Midtown


Idea: WCV & Corporate control



  • The Underground


Idea: seedy, supernatural fight-club out of range of neutral grounds



  • CDC


Idea: ‘initiative’ type operations, esp. on vampires in the city, under the cover of government, health and homeland security



Will come back to add stuff more laters.


So, I think I emailed everyone. Postpone again till the 7th. I’m sorry I suck—but work at home and getting ready for Dragon*Con is tapping me out.

See you then. Again, have your Character Phases Worksheet don through phase Two if at all possible. Any other questions, feel free to email me.

Thanks, Jason

someday, herding gamers might be easier than of cats

No meeting this week, and I’ve get the notes from last session up soon too.

If you’re interested in playing this game, please check out the WhenIsGood time management site devoted to scheduling time we can meet. (at least, I’ll use this until I figure out everyone’s gmail contact info…). Try and put in info on a weekly basis, but if you do have specific events or days to miss when we decide on a day, lemme know.

General consensus last week was to game 3 of 4 weeks (so, 3 on, one off) to accommodate scheduling and such.

See you soon! Hopefully!

First Meeting! Huzzah!
planning the darkness

First general meeting to get everyone on the page and get some game started.

The Players: Jason, Tim, Aileen, Benjamin

Some brief talk of cities had everyone agree Atlanta would be the best place to start the game. City creation, a few theme ideas shot out, and quick game overview were covered.

Many ideas and themes and aspects for the game were briefly thrown out. As they stand now, below, is what we like. Players are encouraged to disagree and find other options that work better. Still other themes and threats may work better latter as well.

Atlanta sits as the historic crossroads of the south, whether colonial transit, the highway system, or the airline hub – lots of folks be travellin’ through. Taking this supernaturally speaking, and considering how the ley lines must add up, the city is a hub between the many worlds, mortal-mundane to supernatural-nevernever – Atlanta is decidedly AT THE CROSSROADS.

The Summer Court’s hold of the city has been heating things up to problematic levels. Whether bureaucratic in nature, or the slow-simmer of summer laziness, nothing is moving as fast as it probably should. Everyone’s feeling STUCK IN TRAFFIC.


This year’s been hot, even for the south. The current balance of power favors the Summer Court, which has been turning things up a notch. They’re doing quite well, to the chagrin of the other groups of the city, and having noticed, are becoming antsy at the continuation of their stranglehold. As such, the other lesser factions in the city are starting to boil up in defiance and it’s GETTING TOO HOT IN HERE.

We listed a bunch of possible locations to flesh out the rest of the city, just to get ideas flowing and started. Final location sheet pending.

Location – possible faces/factions/threats
  • Virginia Highlands – puppetmaster / vampire feeding grounds
  • Dresden Forest – fae
  • Little Five Points – Minor Talents league
  • Stone Mountain – shaman stronghold / deep hidden/protected artifact
  • Aquarium – Summer Court stronghold (vs. Winter Court)
  • Botanical Gardens (and Piedmont Park) – ley lines spot (optional Summer Court stronghold)
  • Old 4th Ward – Wizard/Warden Office(s)
  • Cabbage Town/Oakland Cemetery – Werewolf den
  • Midtown – corporate/mafia stronghold w/ WCV stronghold, growth
  • Buckhead – mafia RCV stronghold, decline
  • Freedom Park – high weirdness, neutral ground?
  • Underground
  • Carter Center – neutral ground
  • Westview Cemetery
  • Tillford Tracks
  • Land Trust – Ritual Druids/Shamans
  • Marta stations – weirdos
  • Lake Linear
  • Appalacian Trail & Head – leys
  • Chattahoochee river
  • Indian Temple – yogis
  • Ethnic neighborhoods
  • Universities
    • Emory
    • Georgia Tech
    • Oglethorpe
    • Georgia State
    • Agnes Scot College – handfull of wiccans and true-believers
    • Clark Unviversity
  • Government
    • CDC
    • Military Forts
      • Fort McPherson
      • Fort Gillem
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