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someday, herding gamers might be easier than of cats

No meeting this week, and I’ve get the notes from last session up soon too.

If you’re interested in playing this game, please check out the WhenIsGood time management site devoted to scheduling time we can meet. (at least, I’ll use this until I figure out everyone’s gmail contact info…). Try and put in info on a weekly basis, but if you do have specific events or days to miss when we decide on a day, lemme know.

General consensus last week was to game 3 of 4 weeks (so, 3 on, one off) to accommodate scheduling and such.

See you soon! Hopefully!


Hi. Right now, I can play pretty much any day except Sunday since I’m already running a D&D 4E game that day. But the day of the week we game would need to be consistent for me. Gaming 3 out of every 4 weeks works just fine for me.

The WhenIsGood link didn’t work for me.


I did get around to updating the WhenIsGood site. I think Tuesdays are generally still best for everyone, so we’ll stick to that until further notice—but the site can still be helpful. I’ll email people about location details soon too.

As for exact time: 6ish-10ish is our best window—the earlier everyone gets there, the earlier we can play. Bring food to eat, share, cook, etc.

schinji schinji

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