City Sheet - High Level


Atlanta sits as the historic crossroads of the south, whether colonial transit, the highway system, or the airline hub – lots of folks be travellin’ through. Taking this supernaturally speaking, and considering how the ley lines must add up, the city is a hub between the many worlds, mortal-mundane to supernatural-nevernever – Atlanta is decidedly AT THE CROSSROADS. Faces:

The Summer Court’s hold of the city has been heating things up to problematic levels. Whether bureaucratic in nature, or the slow-simmer of summer laziness, nothing is moving as fast as it probably should. Everyone’s feeling STUCK IN TRAFFIC. Faces:


This year’s been hot, even for the south. The current balance of power favors the Summer Court, which has been turning things up a notch. They’re doing quite well, to the chagrin of the other groups of the city, and having noticed, are becoming antsy at the continuation of their stranglehold. As such, the other lesser factions in the city are starting to boil up in defiance and it’s GETTING TOO HOT IN HERE. Faces:
Supernatural Status Quo:

Mundane Status Quo:

other themes

other ideas that were mentioned: dark core of the city vs. the light cloak of the city linchpin/arkenstone of the south traffic is congested

other threat ideas

high level concept for players and game chronicle:

old order of the crossroads, wardens of the leys use of conduits not known by the white council containment/binding of the crossroads

City Sheet - High Level

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